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Hubei Zhongxing Food CO.,LTD. emphasis on R & D is not only reflected in actively seeking cooperation with various institutions, it also reflected in the self-built technology projects to promote the progress of the above sectors. The company's new tea products quality and safety inspection center services platform, specializing in various types of tea and tea Supervision, Inspection and products, commissioned the inspection, arbitration inspection, testing and consumer disputes QS certification survey, tea relevant national standards, industry standards and revision tea detection technology research, assessment staff at all levels of tea, tea master training, as well as for the majority of tea companies offer standardized tea, tea quality and other aspects of technical services and technical advice. This project will seek to build brand effect, form a demonstration lab to enhance detection capabilities through collaboration with research institutes, universities and well-known enterprises, improve the level of detection of pesticide residues, covering all domestic tea limit indicators, the good quality tea detection off from the source of tea for effective control of product quality.


Currently, Suizhou and local quality supervision departments surrounding areas, specifically for the inspection standard tea products are not comprehensive, limited inspection capabilities. Especially export inspection standards rarely tea products, tea products can not meet export inspection requirements. Difficulties of this, most of the tea production enterprises in Hubei Province tea products have quality supervision departments to conduct inspection and testing, inspection distance, back and forth for a long time, high cost, very convenient.


Hubei Zhongxing Food Co., LTD. has cooperated with many famous universities enterprises in Zhejiang University, Huazhong Agricultural University, Green Peak Group, etc., developed a full range of green tea, black tea, black tea and other kinds of automatic production line of enriched tea, fine tea full automatic packaging production line; for our tea cultivation, harvesting, production and so the whole process of modernization; teach advanced tea breeding, fertilization, irrigation and other techniques, the implementation of solar energy and other physical insecticidal mosquito lamp technology, remodeling firm upstream tea industry chain.


Zhongxing has also established partnerships with Professor Ni Dejiang Huazhong Agricultural University to jointly develop tea cultivation, production, processing technology, and hired Dr. deputy director of the Department of tea, Tea Science, Zhejiang University, a national tea master wangyuefei as technical advisor , and constantly develop new products. new tea products quality and safety inspection center services platform, mainly for Suizhou and the surrounding area tea products quality and safety supervision, inspection and testing services, expanding tea products inspection and testing capabilities, improve the overall quality of the service range of tea products, to promote Suizhou and the province, the country's tea industry has a positive meaning.

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