About us
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      "Home" is the concept of ZXFOOD platform development. The company is a platform for employees' self-development, a platform for farmers to get rich, a platform for win-win partnerships, and a platform for Chinese tea to go to the world.
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      “Harmony” is not only the atmosphere of corporate culture harmoniously and united by ZXFOOD, but also the working atmosphere of ZXFOOD business as evidence. All the people of the company are like-minded and work-oriented to provide results and develop together with the enterprise;
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      "Home and Peace," that is, all members are united in solidarity, help each other, contribute their own work results, and work together for the development of the enterprise to form a unique ecological circle.
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      "Zhongxing" is not only the name of the company, but also represents the rise of Zhongxing Foods into the tea industry and rises from the industry. In the future development, it will take the lead to lead the development of the industry and make the tea industry ZXFOOD corporate vision.

Home and ZTE

Our Mission:To build a good tea with the standard, cast the brand with quality, with the brand Zhongxing tea industry

core value:Business interests first, to achieve the maximization of employee value, corporate value, social value

Corporate Spirit:Pragmatic innovation, unity and progress

Business philosophy:Honesty, cooperation and win-win cooperation

Management philosophy:The result is evidence of emotional attention

Staff Code of Conduct:Honesty, unity, enterprising, hard work


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