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  In July 2000 the company was officially established, to obtain a business qualification, the main mushroom processing and export. It has three branches, which are located in Fang County, Hubei, Hong Kong, Thailand.
★ September 2007, with the Chinese Jin licensing limited liability company jointly set up Hubei Shennong Ecological Food Co., Ltd
★ September 2012 opened a new tea project to develop and launch large-scale development of the three strategies.
★ March 2013 to complete the project a project of tea: get tea production, processing and export qualification: completed Yuting Ridge, Suizhou Dahongshan two famous tea plantation acquisitions, new processing plant in the tea plantation, and old tea factory alterations update .
★ May 2013 to start the second phase project of tea, new plant construction Yuting Ridge II workshop, Three Mile Gang land in New black tea processing plant, the new filing tea base; achieve cooperation with Professor Ni Dejiang Huazhong Agricultural University to jointly develop tea new technology.
★ November 2013, heavily in the acquisition of Hubei Shennong Ecological Food Co., Ltd. 75.5% of the shares to complete the Shennong Ecological absolute control.
★ Completed in February 2014 Tea Project Phase II, Phase III started, mainly in the construction of the Huaihe River town land famous tea processing plant, radiation Xinyang, Huai source of high-quality tea, etc.; in with the county land, build a modern logistics center in tea processing .
★ 2015 preliminarily built in storage, processing, packaging, logistics, which integrates with the county tea industry science and technology park;2016 will be built on the basis of hubei zte food co., LTD. Headquarters.

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